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worldwide applicants processed online instantly on FringeBacker Events  for participation in a single Marathon event


Transaction dollars were processed securely by FringeBacker Events’ integrated payment platforms


 QR codes generated and utilised for on-site express registry tracking on the day of the event


Data security & privacy record

Innovative Solutions Provider for World-Class Marathons

Scalable. Secure. Sophisticated.
Technology delivered through a robust cloud platform.
Our software provides services, infrastructure and protection.

Make Smarter Decisions with Big Data

FringeBacker Events transforms your registration data into actionable business insights that let you maximize your event’s value while increasing revenue. Our powerful dashboard allows you to harness your event’s data to drive digital and off-line engagement and optimize your event’s performance.


All-In-One CRM System

Build customer relationships and manage extensive participant data from our powerful CRM hub. Our CRM system goes beyond simple participant management, giving insight into every customer so that you can build long-lasting relationships.


More Than Simple Registrations

FringeBacker Events’ management tools help you go beyond a registration experience. With tools like waiver and document management, pricing plans and more, our management tools ensure that your whole event is a seamless experience.


Maximize Revenue with Pricing Tools

FringeBacker Events platform has a robust pricing tool that allows the flexibility to maximize revenue based on your audience’s price sensitivity. Define prices for each category and create a schedule for increases based on price or volume to help drive registration urgency.

Easily add custom fees to your event that can be used to account for the costs of sales tax, shipping and handling, value-added tax (VAT), add-ons and more. These fees can be based on a flat-fee model or on a percentage basis, giving more flexibility to your pricing and fee structure.


Retain Registrants With Queuing & Balloting Tools

Reduce the risk of losing visitors to your races during traffic surges. Offering a personalized and fair customer experience with a First Come – First Serve queue & having a fair process of selection using a balloting system for registration, enables a huge number of registrants to sign up with ease.


VIP Treatment

Create VIP lists and groups individually, via import or from our CRM tool. Monitor redemption of VIP invitations and utilize that data to target lists with specific messaging in the email tool.

100% Secure System

FringeBacker Events system is compliant with the high standards of security
used by thousands of big race organisers, with a 100% clean record of no data security issues in our history of managing millions of dollars of payments.


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