With Innovative Technology & Registration Solutions to Reduce Event Workload

Multiple Registration Methods

First Come – First Serve; Quota System; Balloting

Catering to events big or small, our platform supports various registration methods. Even if there is a big rush to register for your event, we will integrate a queue system that will calm your registrants and keep them patiently lining up for their turn. They will know from the queue bar or placement numbers exactly where they stand in line. Optional email reminders can be sent to them while they are away from your event page. Queuing page branding and message is customised to be consistent with your branding.

Dynamic Form Builder

Set the tone with your registration form, it is your first form of contact with your registrants.

Do-it-yourself within minutes using an intuitive drag and drop interface. Registrations which require differing sets of data, can be created with multiple paths for each registration level. You can set up rules based on various criteria and only capture what is needed from each registrant.


Don’t wait until the event day to generate sales

Fully display your merchandise and add descriptions and pricing to capture early sales. You can even use early-bird promotional codes for corporate, volunteers and any one on your list. Don’t wait until the day of the event to generate sales.

And why lose out at retail where no buyer’s information are retained? Retain buyer’s online purchase information and strengthen your CRM database for future events.

Fundraising Integration

Make Your Miles Count!

FringeBacker Events offers a powerful fundraising system. Donation options are available during the registration process and registrants can also set up their own fundraiser pages separately. The organiser can select one or multiple charitable beneficiaries and determine the payout options to each of them.

Social Media

Harness the power of social media to reach out to more people

Social media sharing buttons are build through the process to encourage users to share and help spread the word. Customise default image and message across each of the social channels to tie in with your brand marketing. Enable people to make comments, position comments at the top or bottom of your page, start topic threads and more!
There are multiple integrations including Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Pinterest, SMS, Email, Google+.

Secure One Checkout Payment

Multiple Payment Options
From major credit cards, Alipay, WeChat Pay to cheque and bank deposits, we aim to provide the most extensive payment options for users so that no payments are missed out for your event.
Instant Payments
We only work with PCI DSS compliant payment partners and our integration with payment gateways make participant payments seamless.
Securely And Conveniently Pay Online
E-Payment allows participants to securely complete their transaction in seconds.


Mobile Check-In App

Our proprietary mobile Check-In app gets your participants in instantly!

Participant Check-In has never been faster. Use the QR Code from their confirmation email or find their name using predictive search capabilities.
QR Code or Barcode Scanning
Scan your attendee’s QR Code with a mobile devise and your participants details will be right on your palm.
Individual / Group Check-ins
Get them all in together!
Quick Look-up
Just in case anyone forgets to bring their confirmation, our system serves as a database for you to search and check your participants in manually.
Progress Check
Stay in control and get real-time updates on Check-In numbers and track down VIPs once they arrive. And gauge when to start your event with outstanding numbers.

Race Intelligence & Big Data

Engage And Build Great Participant Experiences

We provide real time tracking of registrations and payments online.

Participant Management Tools
We provide a real-time reporting system for you to analyse the participant’s data according to your needs, allowing you to create better experiences for all participants.

Maximise Revenue And Reduce Expenses
Reconcile and analyse at ease with detailed breakdowns of your financial reports. You can even download them in Excel and other formats for optimal ease.


We Keep Our Fees As Low As Possible. Strategically Price Your Event To Attract More Participants